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Here are some suggestions for article topics:

On the role of the CIO…

  • How CIOs can advance their career
  • The CIOs role in the enterprise
  • The skills, training, experience required to be a successful CIO
  • The relationship between CIOs and the board and other senior executives

The IT Department

  • Talent and staff management in a changing IT organization
  • The changing structure and role of the IT function
  • The changing skill sets required in an IT organization
  • Shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset and processes
  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing vs. on-demand
  • The changing role of vendors and suppliers
  • Interesting perspectives and insights on governance


  • New trends in enterprise technology
  • The increasing role of technology in business strategy
  • The role of enterprise technology in building the extended enterprise/ ecosystem
  • The relationship between IT and: marketing; HR; operations; and other parts of the organization
  • How new technologies impact the organization, IT function, and CIO
  • Specific technologies: cloud, mobile, BYOD, big data etc.